Integrated into your ecosystem, the intelligent assistant supports everyone in their time management.
Chronoscope automatically creates pre-filled timesheets, sends reminders and helps managers by detecting potential errors in timesheets.
Accurate time tracking
Accurate Time Entry
Chronoscope makes sure all your team members enter their data daily while it's fresh, so they're not guessing it later.
Seamless time tracking
Chronoscope does all the hard work behind the scenes for you. Just work like you are used to and Chronoscope does the rest.
User friendly time tracking
User Friendly
Chronoscope provides a user friendly experience at every step of your time tracking.
Intelligent time tracking
Continuously Learning
Chronoscope learns about what user are doing and is able to offer precise and relevant timesheets so you don't have to worry about tracking your time yourself.
Interactive time tracking
Chronoscope provides a virtual assistant that helps you at every step of your time tracking.

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Chronoscope is not only automatically tracking time, but also helps your business at many strategic levels
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